Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going to Natchez Trace

Ok, so what is a Natchez Trace? While I'm not sure, I think it's an old, old path used by the native americans and later by early settlers needing to get things to and from Nashville, TN and Natchez, MI.

It's now a national parkway, protected from development and commercialization and is, I hope, pretty neat. We'll find out soon.

The trip concept started as a trip to Birmingham, AL, for a motorcycle race at Barber Motorsports Track. In talking about it, Gary suggested we take some extra time to do the 'Trace and see some of Louisiana and Mississippi, two states that we have not visited on our bikes. So, we're leaving on April 26 and should return home on May 3.

This trip will be the first touring trip for Gary and his new purchase, a 2007 R 1200 RT, a pretty blue bike that is very similar to mine, only newer and in better shape. It's almost new, bought a couple of months ago in Georgia, and it's now almost completely fitted to suit his needs.

For me, there's nothing new on my 2005 1200 RT; it now has 54K miles and still runs and looks good. These RTs are the best touring bike made, IMO. Not cheap to purchase nor keep up, but they do the job and do it comfortably.

So, we're off in the morning, planning to ride to Nashville, where the Trace begins. While we've not planned it yet, likely we'll spend the night there and start the ride on the Trace Monday morning. We're hoping to do non-major roads as much as possible, and planning to camp some along the way. With only 8 days and thousands of miles to go, the time will fly.

I'll leave a post when I can; hopefully the blog will be worthwhile for whomever reads it.

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