Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pfafftown to Franklin, TN

Ok, no pics yet. I should have asked Gary's wife to take one before we left, just to have something interesting to look at, but in the excitement of leaving, I forgot. And there was nothing really picturesque on the ride to Franklin. So, no pics. I'll try to make up for it tomorrow!

We got underway about 9:30 and rode to Wilkesboro for brunch. I had something called the "Cheese Special", which was scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, 3 pieces of bacon, and toast. It was actually quite good. I enjoyed the food!

We rode west/northwest through the woods to and through Boone. Then on west on US 321 to Johnson City. While the heat was beginning to build, it was fairly comfortable.

We rode west on 321 and then Hwy 11 to I-81 south to I-40. Then west on I-40 almost to Sevierville, TN, where we stopped for gas and some fluids. The Gatoraid was good to help quell the thirst.

Then on west on I-40 around Knoxville for about an hour. We got off I-40 and got on US 70, the same road that runs within 150 yards of my home in Clayton! I told Gary that I should have just stayed on 70 and cut out some miles!! 70 was a good road, winding and running with the terrain, a good road compared to the Interstate.

After a while, the GPS took us south on TN 53, a very delightful road winding through the foothills. It was the perfect for me; 55 mph speed limit, curvy, windy road with lots of elevation changes and no traffic. I enjoyed that road the most of all of the ride.

After about 25 miles, 53 ran into the Murfreesboro Highway that took us through Murfreesboro and on to Franklin. A Quality Inn is our home for the night.

We found a good Mexican restaurant up the street, offering Margaritas 2 for 1, and had a good margarita and a Dos Equous dark draft to finish the food (which was good).

About 445 miles for the day.

Tomorrow about 10 miles to the northwest of where we are, we'll get on the Natchez Trace and see what it's about. Should be a good day!

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